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Are You Sitting Down?

Are You Sitting Down?Are You Sitting Down? by Shannon Yarbrough
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve always enjoyed Shannon’s writing since I first read Stealing Wishes. When I learned that he had published a new book, I immediately downloaded it to my Kindle and devoured it in short order.

This is an ambitious undertaking, telling the story of one family through the eyes of its members. I enjoyed the fact that everyone was represented, even those family members that were there in memory only. Like every family get together, there is no small amount of drama, jealousy, and feelings of inadequancy. There is also no shortage of love and, ultimately, understanding. It’s a 300 page shapshot of one family dinner that gives the back story so we can pull up a chair and dish up some mashed potatoes.

I enjoyed the writing and the story, but my copy had a variety of formatting and editing issues that sometimes made it difficult to determine who was talking. That’s a minor concern though, and the pleasure of reading the book more than makes up for it. Hats off to Shannon for another crowd pleaser!

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